Keeping Your Baby

“My name is Rachelle. I knew that no matter what I chose, my life would never be the same. I knew it was going to get better or it was going to get worse. So I decided to see my pregnancy as a blessing, and to put my daughter’s needs before mine. I knew that I had to grow up so that I could be strong for my daughter. I needed to learn to be responsible for my decisions.


Before I had my daughter, my life was very self-centered. After having Jance, I have learned from her the real value of life. I am constantly blessed by the little things. I get to play Super Woman, kiss the “boo-boos” to make them better. I get to be the favorite person of my favorite person’s life. I valued her life before I knew her.


Although this was a difficult decision, it was the best choice for me. The “Hugs, Cuddles and Struggles” choice. However, if you do keep your child, you need to have support.”


Family Services Saskatoon
Phone (306) 244-0127
102 506 25th Street East

Family Support Centre
Phone 933-7751
315 Avenue M South

Kidz First
Phone 934-6380

Healthy Mother Healthy Baby
Phone 975-7694
122 3rd Avenue North

Phone 655-4777
122 3rd Avenue North

Real Choices Crisis Pregnancy Centre
Phone 665-7550

The Parents’ Help Line
Phone 1-888-603-9100