We have assembled a gifted and anointed team to bring the message of life to students. We also are committed to helping and serving those in need. Below are excerpts of the stories of our speakers. If you can relate to their experiences and need someone to talk to, we encourage you to get in contact with them via email.

Grade 9 Program

“My greatest treasure is to know, love and serve Jesus Christ, a treasure I want to share with everyone. This program allows me to reach out to young people and let them know they are all divinely created and highly valued as are all humans regardless of their ability or stage of development.”
Email cathy_respectforlife@hotmail.com

Grade 10 Program

“Several years ago a young woman was faced with an incredibly difficult decision. The choice to either abort the unplanned child she was now carrying or to bless a family (that she didn’t even know) with the life of a daughter. For this young woman, the decision was obvious. She carried that little life inside of her, lovingly, knowing that this child would go to be part of someone else’s family. This woman is one of the strongest, bravest and most selfless people I know – and I owe her everything. She gave me my life. I share the story of how we found each other and of how blessed we are, because of the gift of adoption.”

“If only I had know the real truth to the choice of abortion and the pain that choice would cause in my and other people’s lives!There is one thing that I have learned since the choice of an abortion at the age of 19 and that is that no matter what other people’s opinions are, I am the one who will live with the choices I make with my life.”

“I profoundly regret the abortion I had before I moved to Canada. Because I have experienced the physical and emotional consequences in my life, I want to help others to not make the same mistake I did. They need to know that there is healing and hope.”

“At the time I thought abortion was the answer but quickly learned it did more harm than good. This choice came with a painful price!”
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“I am proud of myself for choosing to give my baby life, for facing up to obstacles in my path and loving my son enough to let him grow up in a supportive, adoptive family.”
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