These ladies of influence personally attended a Respect For Life presentation. Here is what they had to say:

“Elaine and Shancelle were invited to speak to my grade eleven English class during our study of the novel Dear Nobody, which deals with themes of unplanned pregnancy, abortion, adoption. The presentations went beyond my expectations for professional tone, informative depth and response from the students. The rapid establishment of the students’ respect for the speakers, trust in their integrity and security in their commitment to confidentiality created a quick rapport that surprised me. It was obvious that many students have no safe forum for such discussion and welcomed this opportunity. Communication was opened between some students and me, and between many students and the speakers. It’s unfortunate that the curriculum does not leave room for more and longer class presentations from this group. For many students in the class, this was the most valuable hour they had in school this year. I will certainly invite the Respect for Life Education speakers to have a regular presence in my classroom and confidently urge other teachers to do to same.”

– Willa Fernets

“A future and a hope… this is what the women and men of the Respect For Life organization offer! Hope for the future for young adults, especially young women and teenagers who not only struggle with sexual activity but with the consequences: guilt, regret, hurt and possible pregnancy.

I have seen the school presentations numerous times and each time I see the presenters bare their hearts and lives to the students. I see students make a connection to the presenters life story. The students know that they are not alone, that others have struggled and survived, even coming out stronger and wiser.

Not only does this organization promote life, they also promote the message of chastity. What a great message for our young people to hear, they can never hear it enough!

Thank you for the work you are doing.”

– Debbie
Chastity Educator
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan