Respect for Life Program

Grade 9 & 10 Education Program

The first session of the Grade 9 program begins with an overview of prenatal development. Using video, discussion and fetal models, the miracle of how humans come into being is described. Emphasis is placed on the uniqueness of each person, distinct from anyone else, and on the evidence of the life beginning at conception.

The second session focuses on the reality of abortion. Students learn how an abortion is performed, in a non-graphic way, and the side effects and complications of this procedure. Discussion takes place about the injustice and illogic of this practice in a civilized society. A profound and entertaining music video reinforces the idea that life is a gift and all human life is of value.

Our Grade 10 program presents all 3 options to an unplanned pregnancy. This is done through sharing personal stories and experiences. On the first day of the Grade 10 speaking program, we present the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions of individuals who have been affected by the abortion process.

On the second day, we present the more positive choices to an unplanned pregnancy. Information on adoption as well as keeping the child is given. We promote chastity as we believe that chastity is the wisest choice a young person can make regarding their sexuality.